Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I'm sorry VT

I'll probably be criminalized for posting this blog, but these thoughts have been heavy on my heart since the events at VT.

Thirty-three lives lost are a lot. Tragic is the right word to describe the situation. Families, friends, loved ones are going to go a long time before feeling like the world is right again. I know.

Yet, every day, in places like Uganda, the Sudan, Baghdad, Afghanistan, losing this many people at once has become common. Who flinches anymore when a news anchor says something like, "In Baghdad today, a suicide bomber killed 35 Iraqi civilians who were in line signing up for the police force."? Or, "Thousands of children in Uganda tonight will travel into cities and lock themselves into safe buildings to prevent their own aduction and recruitment in the Lord's Resistance Army."?

When did we become so self-involved to think that the only lives that matter are American lives? When did the ongoing tragedies of our time stop being tragic? Every life has value, even a Sudanese life. Every senseless killing is, in fact, senseless. Let's stop pretending our small corner of the world is the only place where people grieve over events they cannot change. My heart hurts for those people who will never know what other life their friend, son, or daughter might have had....even if that friend, son, or daughter wasn't an American.

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Funny how home feels. I spent the last week in my parents' home, where folks still call the pretty pink room, "Amy's room." As I pulled into my driveway today, before even getting out of my car, I thought, "I'm so glad I'm home."

Home has many different shapes, sizes, and places to me. I am so blessed!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

funny stuff

I'll keep this brief. Those who know me know I love a funny sounding word or phrase....like blog. This week I watched a DVD that had a character, a lawyer, whose name was Bob Loblaw. Now say that out loud a couple of times...funny, eh?

Now get the fact that he has a law blog, "Bob Loblaw's Law Blog." Say it a few times and it sticks with you...I've been saying it randomly for 4 days now and it still cracks me up!