Wednesday, March 28, 2007


1-I'm tired. This is a tough week.

2-Stop saying 'terminally ill.' Last time I checked we're all dying. Say 'sick with cancer' or some other phrase. We're all terminal, deal with it.

3-Stop saying 'at about' like "I'll meet you at about 3." It is ridiculous. At indicates precision, while about indicates generality. Use around instead, as in, "I'll meet you around 3."

Okay, rants over. Thanks

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Dinner was great...I felt very "fusion." My hat is off to Daniel and Lee Ann for inspiring me to mix cultures on my plate (asian edamame, polish pierogies, american spinach, greek feta) and for the great wine that accompanied the meal...a carmenere & merlot blend called 'oops'. A fabulous meal to end the day. Cheers to you all!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Saints and Sinners

I often think I fall only into the sinners category, like when...
  • I get furious over a fairly mild confrontation at work
  • I would rather sleep in than get up & to places on time
  • I choose the TV over my Bible
  • I have one glass of wine too many
  • I devote more of my life to work than to God

Fortunately, I have saints for friends. Today, Denise asked me how I was feeling spiritually. This type of discussion is still odd for me. I spent my life prior to the last 3 years just pretending that everything was okay that I never got very good at analyzing 'how I feel.' So, I stopped and I thought about how my life seems full of blessings, in spite of all the shortcomings listed above. I have a home, a job I enjoy, family & friends I love, and more than enough of all the material things I always seem to see as so important. Then I thought about the gift of discipline. I don't have enough, but I have more than I ever thought possible for me. I daily read the Bible, and even though I'm not even through the OT after 15 months, I still feel like the daily time in the Word is a blessing I couldn't have imagined. I pray regularly and the daily dialogue reminds me that I am not all there is, and that this life is fleeting. I finally get what it means to live for the future instead of the here & now.

Because of that, I think I might get what the saints hold out for. Amen!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Two Things

Thing 1-A great quote from my pastor from today's service, in reference to Daniel 7: "Perseverance is what we do now because we know the future is won for us."

Thing 2-There is a website I learned about today that gives an overview of what our congress-people are doing, voting on, and making noise about. The bonus is that it is easy to access, read, and understand. There are links to "most viewed members" as well as links to current bills being debated. Other interesting stuff abounds as well. The site is

Friday, March 9, 2007

A post about nothing, and then some

So, I wasn't sure how to start this out, and this sentence is pathetic, but it's mine so I'm keeping it.
  • The best thing about having dogs is how much they can teach me. Forever I have tried walking them separately, and no one has been happy. The dog on the walk is yanking my arm out, trying to track down every scent. The dog at home barks the entire time we're gone. I am cranky because I am worried about the barking dog annoying my neighbors and fearful that the walking dog will pull my arm out. This week I got brave. I created an extra leash out of stuff in my garage, pulled Junnah's training halter out of my car where it has not been used in over 2 years, and took both dogs out--together. Wonders never cease! It was our best walk ever! Both dogs were so entertained by the other that they didn't try pulling my arms out while chasing down every other interesting thing in the neighborhood. We've walked 3 times this week, and we are all happier.
  • I watched a documentary this week about sisters who had both been molested by the same abuser when they were very young. It was sad, and someday I will talk about why the film spoke to me so much. Remind me, because I'll try to forget.
  • My house is quiet tonight, and one of the neighbors is grilling out. It smells delicious.
  • My prayer life is changing bit by tiny bit. My friend Julie and I were talking this week about how my standard prayer is really a list of requests from God. "Please watch over so and so, please help me be patient," you know the list. I was convicted when I read some of Paul's prayers, and Julie helped define them as general, but effectual. I'm still fleshing that out, and enjoying it.
  • I think someday I'd like to be married and have kids, but I'm gradually starting to be okay with the idea that it may not be God's plan for me...again with the wonders!

Have a great day! (I'm probably praying for you!)

Tuesday, March 6, 2007


The beauty of netflix is that I have access to more movies than I could have imagine, but alas, that is also the downfall.

Who knew what movies lay in wait for me? I'm watching documentaries, drama, and comedy, but not in such equal measure. Someone please remind me that there is no harm in laughing every once in a while and to get off the documentary wagon for a bit.

So, no more Boys of Baraka, Born Into Brothels, Awful Normal, until I've laughed some. (Though I may risk that on Shut up and Sing, about the Dixie Chicks.)

Friday, March 2, 2007


Just wanted to let you know that if you have an email address of mine that ends in it is no longer valid. To reach me now, change the ending to As of today, I'm officially down to only 2 email accounts! Yay!