Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I have a tendency to see my life in extremes, so I wanted to update when I was feeling more centered in reality.

My sister joined Weight Watchers. I thought about it, but when she shared her program with me, I realized I had already made most of the changes she was starting to make to my own diet. Then she had the brilliant idea that we should work out together, so...we joined a women's only gym!

I am loving life. 4 days a week, I am up early to work out before 7am. I sleep like a baby, and I have energy for days. It's amazing. I only recently wandered into the couch potato zone, so getting out of it has made me see how much I love getting up & moving. Honestly, I think I've watched less than 2 hours of TV this week, and for me, that is record-breaking.

There are some other moves I'm making to get over myself & my blue mood of late. As I'm ready, I'll share those with you, too. (And now I'm sad that Lee Ann is without a computer, because she'd be the one with an interest...oh well.) Those of you who know & love me, keep on praying that my heart's desire will be what the Lord has for me (and, you know, that it is the same as what I want!)

A shout out here to my g'ville buddies--Tracey, Greg, Tonya G--it's time you get your own blog! Thanks for the great visit this you all. Hug Chipper for me.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Old friends are the best!

When we meet someone to whom we are inexplicably drawn, it can be fun. When that person turns out to be a good friend, a sympathetic listener, and one who realizes you are completely nuts but still treats you like you are normal, you know you've got a friend you can hang on to.

I got a text message last week from a friend who's been hanging on to me for 8 or 9 years. He's sarcastic, witty, smart, and surprisingly soft-hearted. He's at the age when he can't remember the things he wanted to do when he was in high school (and for the record, that's 4 years older than me. I guess that means I've got 4 years left to remember what I dreamed about.), but young enough to know he's not done living. We talked tonight--well, I talked & he listened--and I was reminded why I still love his friendship...regardless of the mood or the trail of conversation, he's still in it.

So, Mike, thanks. I appreciate that you still call even though I am clearly insane. Thanks for sticking around for what my niece refers to as "a long time." Cheers, my friend.