Thursday, September 20, 2007


Many of you know that my sister, Mary, recently contracted malaria on a trip to Tanzania (her husband did as well, but his case is not as severe). Since Monday, I have been worrying about her, praying for healing, and wondering what else I can do to be a comfort to her. The hardest part is that she lives in Central America, and even getting her on the phone can be a challenge.

After finding out some of her fears last night (over the phone) I decided to go see her. I am leaving on Saturday, and will be gone for about a week. Please pray for continued healing for Mary, safe travel for me, and that I would be wise enough to comfort her in the ways she needs. Thanks!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

I Quit???

I read several blogs very regularly. I post very infrequently. Every time I do, I question why on earth I am putting my useless thoughts into the world. I wish a few others would do the same.

Don't're not one I'd wish would just hush...I promise.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Please pray...

I have gotten one request to update my blog. There is much to tell, but almost so much I cannot begin. The most consuming item in my brain is the potential for me to go do mission work sometime in the next two years. I want to take about 4 months off work, and I'm working with my church's sending arm to find a place for me to serve. As I was telling my sister the other day, I am comfortable and life is easy where I am; I just don't think that is what I am designed for. Pray for wisdom in this process--I feel somewhat like a deer in headlights--not knowing when to turn & where to go. Also, prayerfully consider if you'd be willing to provide a reference about me to those involved in accepting applicants. I can use up to 8 references, and so far I'm certain of 1 willing volunteer. Additionally, there's a missions conference in Atlanta in November, and I am hoping to go as an accepted intern, then meeting lots of different teams to possibly find a new 'home' for the future.

I am in the home stretch of completing my first ever read-through of the Bible. I am in the 19th chapter of Revelation, and I'm challenged by it. A year or so ago, as Jeff was preaching through Revelation, I could see, hear, and find comfort in this book. However, this time I'm reading it without guidance, and I haven't even referenced my notes from the series on Revelation. I understand why some folks are fearful or uncertain when diving into this book. Pray that it would be a source of hope in God, not a time of questioning His goodness.

Other than that, there have been ups & downs, joy & tears. The self-discipline is still an issue, but getting better...keep on praying.